Why do I need a free inspection before I can get a price quote?

It's always better to have a licensed technician fully inspect your property. So that we can see what kind of build you have and suggest a property treatment application. We can do phone quotes by looking up your property online and figuring out what application may be needed. But keep in mind when we get there to do the service that was quoted it may change due to the fact that we did not see the property firsthand.

Can I spray and get rid of my pest problem?

You can buy your own chemical and apply it to your property. Just make sure you read all the label and apply it according to the label and use the proper rate for each pest. But it is always better to have a licensed technician inspect and apply the proper amount of chemical for each pest problem and area to be treated. Not to mention safer. Cost can be high when you do your application and also after purchasing the proper chemical and application devices needed for the job. Also, the licensed technician can check for wood-destroying insects at no additional cost to you, to make sure your property is protected.

Why should I hire a professional pest prevention firm?

It's always best to hire a pest professional to do any pest problem you might have. We have seen customers spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to get rid of pest problems and fail. A licensed technician can identify and apply a safe amount of chemicals to ensure the pest problem is fully eradicated. It comes down to that old saying "every time you try to save money you always spend more."

Is this safe for my family and pets?

All applications we use are safe for your family and pets. Our licensed technician will inform you if there has been an application that needs to be dry, aerated, or dissipated before you can re-enter your property.

Will I feel secure with your pest control professionals in my home?

All of our licensed technicians are fully reliable and have an FBI background check before they even applied for their license. They have had 2 or more years of experience going into homes, hospitals, food manufacturing plants, restaurants, schools, offices, and commercial buildings with some customers leaving or giving them a key to their property.

How soon can your exterminators come to my home?

Most days in the summer we can do same-day service. If not the next day. In the winter months, we usually are 2-3 weeks out.

Do I have to leave my home when you provide service?

You and your pets will have to leave for 3 hours during a Bed Bug Treatment only. For all other services you can stay safely in your home.